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Sensory Art & Creative Movement
- with Anna Adler & Lucia Rich -

About Sensory Art
Enjoy a sensory art experience, discover materials, colors, and textures, embrace the creative process and make a good mess! This hands-on class builds curiosity, tactile awareness and confidence in toddlers...and their adults!  

About Creative Movement
usic and movement set the stage for exploration through classic children's songs, stories and games as we develop basic locomotor skills, introduce quality of movement concepts, embody animals and elements from the natural world and have fun with props such as shakers, scarves, parachutes, balls and balloons.  

Sensory Art & Creative Movement
Fridays 11:30 am-1 pm
Ages 3/4 (flexible for 2's)
Torbank Nursery School | 108 Pinesbridge Rd. 
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