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A lifelong lover of dance...

Lucia has trained professionally in contemporary, classical, improvisational and somatic dance forms. She has worked as a choreographer and movement director for both professional and children's theater and has taught dance, movement and physical theater to all ages, including at The New School, Hunter College and Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan. 

In 2005, Lucia discovered the work of Melissa Michaels, Ed.D. in Boulder, CO. and she began a 7 years training and mentorship in 5Rhythms dance with Melissa and the SomaSource institute. In 2022, Lucia became a SomaSource practitioner. 

This marked a shift towards Conscious Dance, a somatic practice that is for personal and spiritual growth rather than for performance.

Lucia began offering Dancing Home, a free-form somatic movement process in the lineage of SomaSource in Spring of 2023.

As a child, Lucia studied improvisational dance for 13 years Juliette Daley, former All American gymnast, dancer and visual artist. This shaped her tremendously in the way she teaches, which is process based and experimental in nature.  Lucia is committed to taking back children's movement education to a place of  non-sensationalized, developmentally appropriate and improvisational in nature. Movement for the sake of movement, because when the body is in motion, the whole nervous system and brain are happier!

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