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"Taking my daughter to Mommy and Me art, music and movement classes when she was a toddler was often the highlight of my week. As a full time primary parent, I was grateful for a scheduled destination that got me out of the house and allowed us to do something fun together where the pressure was not just on me to provide enrichment and entertainment. Let us take the pressure off and lead your littles through an engaging class where they will work on both fine and gross motor skills, both of which are so important for developing the full range of expression." - Lucia 

Sensory Art-
Enjoy a sensory art experience, discover materials, colors, and textures, embrace the creative process and make a good mess! This hands on class builds curiosity, tactile awareness and confidence in toddlers...and their adults!  

Creative Movement- 
The body, music and movement set the stage for exploration through songs, stories and games as we develop basic locomotor skills, introduce quality of movement concepts and embody animals and elements from the natural world. We will fly like a butterfly and swim like goldfish and use props such as scarves, shakers, bean bags and instruments move and breathe together. 


Creative movement and dance focusing on the body, space and quality of movement concepts for work alone, with a partner, and in small groups. This uses the problem solving, cognitive, cooperative, and improvisation learning techniques for students.

Props are also used including beanbags, scarves, instruments and more. Children's literature books are the focus on a theme such as numbers, letters, animals, insects, ocean, country, color, farm, etc.

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